11/25/2010 (11:46pm)


I was rather rudely awoken at around 9.30am this morning, after a fairly heavy night on the Morgan’s 100 (50% Morgan’s Spiced, fact fans) with a phone call from Blacks, asking me to go for a second interview. The Blacks job fair required me to get up at 6am so I was pretty happy that it was at least slightly worth the effort.

Anyway, I now have a job behind the bar in their restaurant, which means the waiters programme drinks orders into some computer, I make the drinks, they come and collect them. Sounds pretty good huh? Wage is pretty low but I can apparently make up to $100 a night in tips as I get 1% of whatever the servers take. So yeah, pretty stoked right now to be honest.


I’ve been too hungover to properly celebrate at all, apart from buying some over-priced hot dogs for a treat for lunch, but tomorrow night’s the night apparently. Hopefully I’ll be able to get my pass sometime very soon and be up on the mountain, finally. In the meantime I’m just going to wander round the town looking at all the sweet shit I’m gonna buy when my paychecks come in. Did you know you can get salopettes that look like jeans? Gotta get me some of those.

A month in…

…and I am still jobless. However, we do have a BBQ now, which we bought for $20, so it’s not all bad.

In other news, seeing as I haven’t done an update for a while, here is everything that’s going on over here at the moment:

  • Today we got up at 6am to go to a job fair that went just as well as any other one I guess. At least we were up in time to get a McDonalds breakfast.
  • We have watched an entire series of Community and are straight on to series two.
  • It’s started snowing, and the mountain has opened! Only the top part at the moment, and we don’t have passes anyway as they’re too expensive at the moment, but hey, it’s finally beginning to feel like we’re here for a purpose. Not in a Lost way, in like a, you know, skiing way.
  • Only downside to the above post is it is now MINUS SEVENTEEN DEGREES outside (or so I’m told). I’m willing to believe it though as the tops of my ears were in agony after about ten seconds outside this morning. God only knows what it’s like at the top of the mountain.
  • We found another mouse in the house. This one had decided to take the easy way out and just drown itself in the sink along with the washing up. Good choice.
  • There’s more photos up on my Facebook page of us getting overexcited about the snow and some of our dingy little house, if anyone hasn’t spotted them yet. 

That’s probably about it - I’m hoping that within a week we’ll all have jobs and be up on the mountain every day and it’ll be amazing. And this will be a little more interesting to read. Until then.

Home Improvements

Today, Howlett and I made the trip down to a lil’ town called Squamish, which is actually the biggest town around here. After getting up at six am, taking two busses taking almost an hour and a half, we finally got to Squamish, and after sitting in Starbucks for an hour, we went off to the job fair… only to be asked to simply fill in an application form (which over here means literally just copying out your CV on to another piece of paper).

Anyway, being all dressed up with nowhere to go, we went to McDonalds.

McDonalds was inside Walmart. Walmart is just Asda with Peanut Butter M&Ms and NO SUCH THING AS A DUVET COVER. Hence why I am now the proud owner of a ‘comforter’.

Pratt fixed the hoover, so I now have a nice, clean, dust-free, sadly still stained-carpet filled bedroom. With a desk lamp. But no desk.

Oh, and I also got some moccasin slippers.

10/27/2010 (4:59pm)

An update…

And so we are now getting to grips with “Shoulder Season” in Whistler - which basically means there is fuck all going on, apart from a bunch of Japanese school kids wandering around which is pretty disconcerting. 

Good news:

  • We have a house! Photos will be up on here as soon as we actually bother to move in - currently struggling with a lack of bedding at said house and reluctance to leave the hot-tub and shag-pile carpets of our current, temporary abode. 
  • I have bought my first pair of skis! I picked them up in a car park outside a supermarket in a transaction that couldn’t really have looked more like a drug deal if we tried. Still, 70 bucks, can’t really argue. New skis!
  • Haven’t been mauled by any bears yet.

Bad news:

  • Still haven’t got a job. But all hope is not yet lost.

10/23/2010 (5:57pm) 1 note

Document Insert #1: Wildcat Strong

Wildcat Strong Label

First in a series of notes documenting the beers we try over here, obviously. Wildcat Strong is 6.1% and tastes pretty good. Cheap too. Stay tuned for the next in the series: Pabst Blue Ribbon.


Home for the next few weeks. Hot tub and bears included. 

10/20/2010 (6:39pm)

The Needle Has Landed…

By the time you read this (if I have understood Tumblr’s ‘queueing’ function at all), then I should have safely landed in Vancouver and will probably be going the wrong way on the ‘Sky Train’ somewhere in the city whilst Howlett and Pratt sit safely on a nice coach taking them to the hostel. But you never know. Anyway, to continue a theme that will no doubt be forgotten within the week, here is Canada’s - or maybe even the world’s - finest songstress, Neko Case, celebrating my arrival.

10/19/2010 (5:13am)

In 24 hours time…

I will be sitting on a plane heading Westwards. Most of my things are now packed and it’s now down to the monotonous and nerve-shredding task of going over and over everything to check I haven’t left anything behind. In an attempt to keep up a vaguely Canadian yet musical theme, who better to lament my departure than Canada’s very own Drizzy…

10/17/2010 (2:52pm)

T-Minus Three Days

As the fear builds, here’s Botch for a bit of nerve-calming, blog-naming inspiration. Should probably start packing.